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There a problem with this site in Firefox. If you can fix it email me - rossi_will@hotmail.com. It renders correctly in IE - THATS A FIRST!! lol,

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Helllo you are viewing 'Dasiy' My Second template for OSWD.org. My first one was a bit of a lazy, boring design that I made because I was bored. This one I made with a focus - TO NEVER USE BLUE!!. I saw it in one of the recent forums so i thought I might try it!. I dont know what you could use this template for? maybe a blog thing?? well if you do use it email me @ rossi_will@hotmail,  Thanks.

In light of recent forums about stolen designs/code/images etc I want to mention the navigation links were based on the design 'deep' by Vacant. Give him ALL the credit for those. The image of daisys is from # and is free to use. The rest of the site was created by me!!.

› Some More Info...

Well i dont really know what to say here.... Ooh how about this site is Vaild HTML/ Vaild CSS. The design contains NO tables!!. Ive tested the design in Firefox and IE and both render correct (email me if you have any problems).

› I love FREE Things....

You are FREE to use this site however you want. The total file size of the complete site (including pics) is a whopping 28kbs. This site uses 4 pictures. I used Paint.NET to edit the pics (its very useful and FREE). I created this site in 1st Page 2000 (a very good html/css text editor and FREE)

Vaild HTML   Copyright © 2005   Design by rossi_will
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